BUYERS OF ALL SCRAP METAL (ferrous & non-ferrous)

Chico Scrap Metal & Recycling is pleased to serve the community of Butte County for forty + years and counting.  As described below our business diverts from the landfill and hauls out of this county a vast amount of recyclable material monthly.

CSM  chicoscrapmetal/recycling  CSM chicoscrapmetal/recycling


CSM-Chico 878 E. 20th St.

OPEN      Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

Saturday 8am – 12noon

CLOSED  Sunday

CSM-Durham    766 Chico Oro Hwy.

OPEN      Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

CLOSED  Saturday and Sunday

Norcal Recyclers-Oroville 1855 Kusel Rd.

OPEN      Monday – Friday 8am – 2pm

CLOSED Saturday & Sunday


California Redemption Value (CRV) Recyclable Product

CRV cans:                         17,300 LBS. per month

CRV glass:                        43,000 LBS. per month

CRV plastic:                      32,000 LBS. per month

Ferrous Metal (iron/tin):    2,050,000 LBS. per month

Non-Ferrous Metal (copper,brass, scrap alum.)  174,000 LBS. per month

* Approximately 400 – 500 citizens and businesses bring in scrap metal, batteries(auto/truck), stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, appliances, and small metal per week (i.e. copper, brass, scrap aluminum.

* In a region of 200,000 households, such as Chico, Oroville, and surrounding communities, approximately 1,000 stoves, 1,000 refrigerators and 2,000 water heaters (given the life cycle of such appliances) are discarded each year.

* Without a regional scrap yard such as Chico Scrap Metal & Recycling (known as a feeder yard) this material would either end up at the landfill or worse, discarded on the side of the road/dumped in a ditch.

* Accept cardboard, other plastic drink containers, tin cans, and newspapers for recycling.



Provide CALFire and Butte College Fire Academy with a training site for emergency rescue efforts

Contribute to Silver Dollar Fair Livestock Cartel

Contribute to Future Farmers of America (FFA)  4-H

Participant of Chapman Town Clean-up

Donate material (metals, etc.) for Boys and Girls Club, local art programs, photo opportunities, engineering, welding, etc.

Provide educational experiences for elementary schools to Recycle/Reuse/Reduce

Sponsor Youth Sports

Provided free box drop service to fire victims of Paradise and Concow

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